[Internship M2] Matter-waves manipulation with a compact laser system for onboard applications

The Joint Laboratory iXAtom brings together the knowledge of a French company of very high technological added value- iXBlue, expert in photonics and inertial navigation of very high performance – and a public laboratory specialized in atom interferometry at the highest worldwide level- LP2N. The goal of the joint laboratory is to bring a technological breakthrough using cold atoms to develop the next generation of inertial sensors for industrial, space and military applications, with an expected improvement of the performances by several orders of magnitude with a device of same size.

The laser system constitutes an essential part of matter wave sensors. Electronics included, this subsystem is very complex and demands a specific and very advanced development for on-board devices. With this avowed goal, LP2N developed an expertise in fibered lasers based on components coming from telecommunication field associated with a frequency doubling stage in order to reach the wavelength of the atomic transition of Rubidium.

This internship will focus on matter-waves manipulation with a new laser system. With the aim of miniaturizing this laser system and make it more reliable, this internship will focus on the ability of simplifying the servo control of the laser frequency. For our applications, the laser frequency has to be controlled with an accuracy and a stability below 1 MHz.  The standard method consists in servo locking the source on a Rubidium cell (after frequency doubling) by saturated absorption. Nevertheless, this apparatus is not easy to implement in our architectures, especially because of the dedicated doubling frequency stage. The goal of this internship will be to servo lock a laser diode emitting at 1560.48 nm with alternative solutions compliant with on-board applications. The student will define the specifications and will have to lead an advanced study on the diode laser stability. Then a review of different solutions will be done including for example servo lock methods on a stabilized cavity, or on a reference gas cell. When the solutions are selected, they will be implemented for an experimental validation.

The laser will be tested on vacuum system containing Rubidium atoms, and the final goal of the internship will be to cool atoms and achieve an atom interferometer in order to validate the functioning.

The candidate will be asked an advanced expertise in the following fields: optics and photonics, laser, electronics, servo lock systems, computer science.



Prolongation en thèse possible http://www.lp2n.fr/?p=1485 (octobre 2017)


Equipe/service : Groupe « Cold Atoms in Bordeaux » LP2N


Localisation : Talence (France)


Profil recherché : Etudiant en master/école d’ingénieur niveau M2 dans une formation spécialisée en optique/photonique


Date de début : 1er mars 2017


Durée : 4-6 mois


Financement : indemnité journalière de stage (~450 euros/mois)


Contacts : Baptiste BATTELIER baptiste.battelier@institutoptique.fr

tel : +33 5 57 01 72 24