Date (yyyy/mm/dd) and time Speaker Affiliation Talk title Type
2019/05/15 at 11.45 am Juan-José Sáenz DIPC, San Sebastian, Spain Regular
2019/05/29 at 11.45 am Jurgen Voltz Vienna University, Austria Regular
2019/06/12 at 11.45 am Guillaume Gomard KIT, Karlsruhe, Germany Regular
2019/06/19 at 11.45 am Quentin Glorieux LKB, Paris, France Regular

Date (yyyy/mm/dd) Speaker Affiliation Talk title Type
2019/04/03 Hanyu Ye ICFO, Barcelona, Spain The development of mid-infrared optical parametric sources and their prospects in molecular spectroscopy Regular
2019/03/05 Alfredo De Rossi Thalès, Palaiseau, France Bichromatic lattices, harmonic photonic potential and how to achieve more with less Regular
2019/02/06 Jose Alberto Aguilar Mora LP2N, Talence, France Advances and application in optical metrology Regular
2019/01/28 Peter Wiecha University of Southampton, UK Applying Artificial Intelligence in Nano-Optics Regular
2019/01/10 Frank Vollmer University of Exeter, UK Single-Molecule Detection with Optoplasmonic Sensors Regular
2018/11/29 Ferreol Soulez Lyon University, France COMCI: A COnstrained Method for Coherent Imaging Regular
2018/10/04 Helmut Ritsch Innsbruck, Austria Cooling, Trapping and Self-ordering of mobile quantum emitters in confined optical fields Regular
2018/09/13 Renaud Bachelot L2N, Troyes, France Polymer/metal hybrid Nanoparticules for Nanophotonics Regular
2018/09/12 Nelson Hélaine LP2N, Talence, France Towards an image-free analysis of the growth and fate of unlabeled organoids : design of an optofluidic platform PhD student
2018/07/19 Kévin Cognée LP2N, Talence, France Perturbation theory for open electromagnetic system: predicting microcavity’s Q increase PhD student
2018/07/09 Jacob Khurgin Johns Hopkins University, USA Epsilon near zero materials: photonics on steroids? Regular
2018/07/09 Jacob Khurgin Johns Hopkins University, USA Excited electrons in metal: from frigid to tepid to scalding hot Regular
2018/07/05 Hamed Majedi University of Waterloo, Canada Superconducting Nanowire Single Photon Detectors Regular
2018/07/04 Cédric Allier CEA Grenoble, France La microscopie sans lentille: du virus à l’aile de moustique Regular
2018/06/20 Chris Westbrook LCF, Palaiseau, France Two particle interference effects for atoms Regular
2018/06/15 Nick Schilder AMOLF, Amsterdam, The Netherlands Characterization of topological silicon photonic crystal slabs with high-energy electron Regular
2018/06/13 Jeanne Linarès LP2N, Talence, France 3D Super-resolution using self-interferences (SELFI) microscopy PhD student
2018/06/06 Maxime Dahan & Mohamed El Beheiry Institut Curie, Paris, France 3D biological imaging: from aquisition to visualization Regular
2018/05/30 Darrick Chang ICFO, Barcelona, Spain Atom-light interactions as a quantum spin model Regular
2018/05/25 François Goudail LCF, Palaiseau, France Co-conception de systèmes d’imagerie pour l’extension de profondeur de champ Regular
2018/05/23 Ani Augustine José LP2N, Talence, France Studying the fast nanoscale dynamics of cell adhesions using RESOLFT Nanoscopy PhD student
2018/05/16 Bruce Allen Albert Einstein Institute Hannover, Germany The direct observation of gravitational waves Regular
2018/05/04 Federico Sanjuan Université Savoie Mont Blanc, France Microscopie Terahertz Regular
2018/04/24 Amaury Badon Boston University, USA Imaging in complex media: Matrix approach and multi-Z confocal microscopy Regular
2018/04/04 Pierre Verlot Université Claude Bernard Lyon 1, France Optomechanics with Hybrid Carbon Nanotube Resonators Regular
2018/03/22 Ricardo Jimenez ICFO, Barcelona, Spain Optimal waveform tracking with atomic sensors Regular
2018/03/21 Mikel Bravo Acha University of Sherbrooke, Canada Optical sensors and systems for sustainable development Regular
2018/02/20 Jaemin Lim Ulm University, Germany Vibronic coherence in artificial light-harvesters and organic solar cells Regular
2018/02/15 Massimo Gurioli University of Florence, Italy Near field photonic mode mapping Regular
2018/02/14 Maxime Bellouvet LP2N, Talence, France Doubly-dressed states for near-field trapping and subwavelength lattice structuration PhD student
2018/02/05 Antony Lee University of California, Berkeley, USA Single molecule analysis of transcriptional pausing with sub-second resolution reveals near-universal reduction of forward transcription rates at sequence-dependent pause elements Regular
2017/12/21 Alexis Casanova LP2N, Talence, France Etude de la gigue temporelle de lasers ultrabrefs PhD defense
2017/12/15 Laure Chichet LP2N, Talence, France Onboard dual-species atom interferometer, 87Rb et 39K, applied to the test of the weak equivalence principle and to inertial navigation PhD defense
2017/12/11 Grigor Kuyumjyan LP2N, Talence, France Realization of multiple Bose-Einstein condensates in a bi-frequency optical cavity PhD defense
2017/12/06 Nicolas Dubreuil LCF, Palaiseau, France Managing nonlinear interactions in integrated optical devices and in optical communication systems Regular
2017/11/28 Caroline Busquet LP2N, Talence, France Développement d’un système d’imagerie superrésolue d’un gaz d’atomes ultrafroids piégés dans des réseaux PhD defense
2017/11/22 Daqing Wang Max Planck Institute, Erlangen, Germany Coherent Coupling of a Single Molecule to a Scanning Fabry-Pérot Microcavity Regular
2017/11/15 David Murray LP2N, Talence, France Using light transport theory to enhance Scientific Visualization for medical data PhD student
2017/11/08 William Magrini LP2N, Talence, France Optical manipulation of single Abrikosov vortices PhD defense
2017/10/11 Noémie Danne LP2N, Talence, France Carbon nanotubes : new nano-probes for optical bio-imaging PhD student
2017/10/10 Arthur Dufay LP2N, Talence, France Rendu adaptatif haute-qualité d’environnements virtuels à photométrie complexe PhD defense
2017/09/13 Grégoire Lefèvre LP2N, Talence, France A cavity enhanced atom interferometer for the MIGA project PhD student
2017/07/21 Germain Guiraud LP2N & Azur Light Systems, Talence, France Low intensity noise high power fiber lasers PhD defense
2017/07/20 David Wilkowski Centre for Quantum Technologies, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore Resonant Light/atom interaction: From cooperative emission to quantum vacuum engineering Regular
2017/07/17 Morgane Gandil LP2N, Talence, France Magneto-optical properties of individual suspended carbon nanotubes PhD defense
2017/07/10 Nicolas Bachelard UC Berkeley, USA Control and emergence of collective effects in complex systems Regular
2017/06/28 Devang Naik LP2N, Talence, France The Strength of ‘Weakness’ Regular
2017/05/31 Mona Treguer-Delapierre ICMCB, Pessac, France Engineering metallic nanoparticles of unconventional morphologies Regular
2017/06/08 Pierre-François Cohadon LKB, Paris, France From gravitational-wave detection to quantum optomechanics Regular
2017/05/23 Christian Miniatura Centre for Quantum Technologies, Singapour Critical properties of the Anderson transition through the looking-glass of the CBS and CFS peaks Regular
2017/05/10 Dylan O. Sabulsky Imperial College, London, UK An atom accelerometer for constraining anomalous fifth forces Regular
2017/04/25 Isabelle Riou LP2N, Talence, France Vers la détection d’ondes gravitationnelles par interférométrie atomique en cavité : nouvelles géométries optiques et premier dispositif PhD defense
2017/04/19 Antoine Lucas LP2N, Talence, France Design of a 3D and BRDF acquisition setup for digitization of ancient clothes PhD student
2017/04/13 Keith Bennett Hamamatsu Why camera calibration using variance doesn’t work for photoresponse calibration of scientific CMOS (sCMOS) cameras (and other photodetectors) Regular
2017/03/15 Davit Hakobyan LOMA, Talence, France Spin-orbit optomechanics: interplay between light and matter Regular
2017/03/08 Maxime Feyeux LP2N, Talence, France Pluripotent stem cells, why, how? Regular
2017/02/15 Caroline Busquet LP2N, Talence, France Ultracold fermions trapped in nanostructured optical lattices PhD student
2017/01/16 Pierrick Cheiney ICFO, Barcelona, Spain Liquid droplets in a two-components Bose gas Regular
2016/12/14 Arthur Dufay LP2N, Talence, France Cache-Friendly Micro-Jittered Sampling PhD student
2016/12/09 Rémi Faggiani LP2N, Talence, France Resonant Nanophotonics: Structural Slow Light and Slow Plasmons PhD defense
2016/12/08 Femius Koenderink FOM Institute AMOLF, Amsterdam, The Netherlands Antenna-inspired nano-optics to control single molecule fluorescence Regular
2016/11/30 Giovanni Cappello LIPhy, Grenoble, France Applying controlled mechanical pressure on multicellular aggregates Regular
2016/11/09 Alexis Casanova LP2N, Talence, France Phase noise metrology of Ytterbium fs fiber laser sources PhD student
2016/10/12 Laura Antoni-Micollier LP2N, Talence, France Interféromètre à atomes froids de 39K et 87Rb pour tester le principe d’équivalence en micropesanteur PhD defense
2016/10/05 Reenu Baby LP2N, Talence, France Three Dimensional Optical Nanoscopy with Excited-State Saturation Microscopy PhD student
2016/09/28 Philippe Rigaud LCF, Palaiseau, France Nouvelles architectures pour l’amplification d’impulsions ultra-brèves Regular
2016/09/19 Adèle Hilico University of Vienna, Austria Non reciprocal devices based on chiral light matter interactions Regular
2016/07/22 Louis Bellando INLN, Valbonne, France Photon localization and cooperative effects in cold atomic clouds Regular
2016/06/22 Laure Chichet LP2N, Talence, France The ICE experiment: from fundamental physics to inertial navigation PhD student
2016/06/01 Rostislav Mikhaylovskiy Radboud University Nijmegen, The Netherlands Terahertz spectroscopy and control of spin dynamics Regular
2016/05/19 Jean-Christophe Blancon Los Alamos National Laboratory, New Mexico, USA Spectroscopy approaches to unravelling material properties across dimensionality and roles of interfaces Regular
2016/04/27 Germain Guiraud LP2N, Talence, France Development of a high power and low intensity noise laser at 1064nm PhD student
2016/04/12 Cyriaque Genet ISIS, Université de Strasbourg, France New twists on optical forces: the role of chirality Regular
2016/04/06 Julien Laurat LKB, UPMC, Paris, France Quantum memories with cold neutral atoms: from free-space to all-fibered implementations Regular
2016/03/16 Grigor Kuyumjyan LP2N, Talence, France BECs in the higher modes of a non degenerate cavity PhD student
2016/03/14 Edouard Gerbaud Hôpital Cardiologique du Haut Lévêque, Pessac, France Multi-modality imaging of vulnerable plaque using optical coherence tomography Regular
2016/03/09 Nadine Peyriéras Institut de Neurobiologie Alfred Fessard, Gif sur Yvette, France Multilevel dynamics in animal morphogenesis Regular
2016/03/02 Patrick Navez Crete Center for Quantum Complexity and Nanotechnology, Heraklion, Greece A wave-guided Sagnac Interferometer for Bose-Einstein Condensates Regular
2016/02/29 Hugo Salvador Vásques Bullón LP2N, Talence, France Construction d’une nouvelle expérience pour l’étude de gaz quantiques dégénérés dans des réseaux optiques, et étude d’un système d’imagerie à super-résolution PhD defense
2016/02/10 William Magrini LP2N, Talence, France Optical manipulation of Abrikosov vortices PhD student
2016/02/03 Mélanie Pedrazzani Laboratoire Aimé Cotton, Orsay, France Fast optical sectioning microscopy for in vivo drosophila brain imaging Regular
2016/01/25 Romain Pierrat Institut Langevin, ESPCI ParisTech, France Probing and controlling light transport in disordered media Regular
2016/01/20 Charlie Gosse LPN, Marcoussis, France Microdevices that enable to selectively image biological entities: Molecules in mixtures and cells in embryos Regular
2016/01/13 John Restrepo LP2N, Talence, France Light Field imaging, realization and modeling PhD student
2015/12/16 Isabelle Riou LP2N, Talence, France Atom interferometry with cavity-enhanced beamsplitters PhD student
2015/12/09 Fred Jendrzejewski Kirchhoff Institute for Physics, Heidelberg, Germany Impurity studies with ultracold atoms Regular
2015/12/08 François Treussart Laboratoire Aimé Cotton, ENS Cachan, Orsay, France Some biomedical applications of diamond nanocrystals Regular
2015/11/25 Jean Teissier University of Basel, Switzerland Coherent dynamics of a strain-coupled, hybrid spin-oscillator system Regular
2015/11/03 Etienne Cantin LP2N, Talence, France Cavité à haute finesse pour la production et la détection de sources atomiques cohérentes PhD defense
2015/10/21 Laura Antoni-Micollier LP2N, Talence, France Test of the weak equivalence principle using a dual-species atom interferometer in microgravity PhD student
2015/09/30 Yannick de Wilde Institut Langevin, Paris, France Near-field infrared and thermal radiation scanning tunnelling microscopy Regular
2015/09/29 Xiaorun Zang LP2N, Talence, France Slow Light in photonic crystal waveguides for reinforced interaction with matter PhD defense
2015/09/16 Rémi Faggiani LP2N, Talence, France Metallic resonators: sensing and nanoantennas PhD student
2015/08/05 Daniele Nicolodi Syrte, Observatoire de Paris, France Optical and microwave frequency synthesis with optical frequency combs Regular
2015/07/10 Sergio Rota University of Navarra, Pamplona, Spain Development of single-longitudinal mode and random fiber lasers in C-band Regular
2015/06/24 Otto Muskens University of Southampton, UK Nano-optics with antennas and waveguides Regular
2015/06/03 Pierre Calvet LP2N, Talence, France Spatial beam shaping in a microstructured single-mode fiber Regular
2015/05/29 Valérian Giesz LPN, Marcoussis, France Cavity enhanced quantum dots-based photonic quantum network Regular
2015/05/06 David Wilkowski Nanyang Technological University, Singapore An atom/surface metamaterial hybrid device Regular
2015/04/13 Bin Yang LP2N, Talence, France New approaches in super-resolution fluorescence microscopy PhD defense
2015/04/13 Michel Orrit Leiden Institute of Physics, the Netherlands Optical microscopy and spectroscopy of single molecules and single plasmonic gold nanoparticles Regular
2015/04/13 Vahid Sandoghdar Max Planck Institute for the Science of Light, Erlangen, Germany Sensitivity, resolution and speed in detection and tracking of single biomolecules Regular
2015/04/08 Tim Freegarde University of Southampton, UK Laser Cooling Using Atom Interferometry Regular
2015/04/07 Gordon McDonald The Australian National University, Canberra, Australia Atom interferometry in an optical waveguide Regular
2015/03/31 Nils Thuerey TU München, Garching, Germany Fluid Effects – From Capture to Simulation Regular
2015/03/25 Hugo Vasquez-Bullon LP2N, Talence, France Sub-wavelength detection of cold atoms trapped in nanostructured optical potentials PhD student
2015/03/18 André Nicolet Institut Fresnel, Marseille, France Resonances in open electromagetic devices: (simple) theory, numerical computation and applications Regular
2015/03/11 Pierre Fauché LP2N, Talence & CRPP, Pessac, France Experimental evidence of plasmonic superradiance PhD student
2015/03/04 Alexandre Bouzdine LOMA, Talence, France Matière des vortex dans les supraconducteurs Regular
2015/02/11 Francesco Minardi LENS, Florence, Italy Quantum magnetism and impurities with mixtures of ultracold atoms in optical lattices Regular
2015/01/27 Laurent Belcour Montreal University, Canada Light Transport Analysis: Modeling, Understanding, and Optimizing Light Simulations for Computer Graphics Regular
2015/01/26 Pierre-Alain Gominet LP2N, Talence, France Un accéléromètre atomique double espèce aéroporté pour un test du principe d’équivalence PhD defense
2015/01/21 Adrien Aubourg LP2N, Talence, France Diode-pumped laser sources with Er : YAG single cristal fiber as gain medium Regular
2015/01/07 Sylvain Gigan Laboratoire Kastler Brossel, Paris, France Controlling light in complex media : imaging and beyond Regular
2014/12/16 Chiara Sinito LP2N, Talence, France Propriétés magnéto-optiques de nanocristaux de CdSe individuels à basse température PhD defense
2014/12/10 Marco Prevedelli Bologna University, Italy A measurement of the gravitational constant using atom interferometry Regular
2014/12/05 Ihsan Fsaifes Laboratoire Aimé Cotton, Orsay, France Amplification paramétrique sensible à la phase de signaux RF sur porteuse optique Regular
2014/12/03 Marie Piraud Munich University, Germany Vortex and Meissner phases of strongly-interacting bosons on a two-leg ladder Regular
2014/11/28 Tania Pouli Technicolor Dynamic exposure allocation for HDR video capture Regular
2014/11/26 Etienne Cantin LP2N, Talence, France Coherence preserving measurements and phase lock on a coherent atomic ensemble PhD student
2014/11/17 Raphaël Voituriez LPTMC, Paris, France First-passage times of random walks and kinetics of search processes: applications to transcription Regular
2014/10/20 Xiaorun Zang LP2N, Talence, France Slow light in photonic crystals PhD student
2014/10/06 Matthieu Palayret University of Cambridge, UK A zoom in CD28 super-agonist T cell activation with single-molecule localisation microscopy Regular
2014/09/29 Chiara Sinito LP2N, Talence, France Magneto-optical spectroscopy of individual semiconductor nanocrystals PhD student
2014/07/07 Etienne Brasselet LOMA, Talence, France Chiral optomechanics Regular
2014/06/30 Rafal Mantiuk Bangor University, UK Towards a hyper-realistic display Regular
2014/06/16 Guillaume Wantz ENSCBP, Univ. Bordeaux, France Organic Electronics: from Materials to Devices Regular
2014/05/19 Adrian Travis Microsoft Corp., Paris, France Projecting images from flat panel displays Regular
2014/05/12 Victor Mironov Institute for Physics of Microstructures, Russia Magnetic force microscopy of patterned ferromagnetic nanostructures Regular
2014/04/28 Mathilde Fouché LNCMI, Toulouse, France Mesure de la biréfringence magnétique du vide : le projet BMV Regular
2014/04/07 Pierre-Alain Gominet LP2N, Talence, France ICE experiment : cold atom interferometry in microgravity PhD student
2014/03/31 Claude Amra, Boris Gralak, Myriam Zerrad Institut Fresnel, Marseille, France Recent advances in dispersion theory and speckle polarization properties Regular
2014/03/17 Mark Fernée LP2N, Talence, France Probing semiconductor nanocrystals with optical spectroscopy Regular
2014/02/24 Ramon Hegedüs INRIA, Talence, France Narrow spectral color imaging: how to translate images for human color vision from outside of its domain? Regular
2013/12/16 Alexandre Cazé Institut Langevin, Paris, France Probing strongly scattering media with speckle correlations Regular
2013/12/13 Eric Burt Jet Propulsion Laboratory, Pasadena, USA Next Generation JPL Ultra-Stable Trapped Ion Atomic Clocks Regular
2013/11/25 Pierre Bon Institut Langevin, Paris, France Optical phase for in-depth 3D imaging and super-localization Regular
2013/11/15 Etienne Gaufrès Montreal University, Canada Etude des phénomènes physiques opto-électroniques de molécules encapsulées dans les nanotubes de carbone Regular
2013/10/15 Steven Lepoutre LCAR, Toulouse, France Mesures de précision par interférométrie atomique à bras séparés Regular
2013/09/16 Rémi Galland Interdisciplinary Institute for Neuroscience, Bordeaux, France Optical tools for biology: From single molecules based approaches to directed proteins self organization Regular
2013/07/04 David Paboeuf Institute of Photonics – University of Strathclyde, Glasgow, Scotland Laser à semi-conducteur pompé optiquement émettant dans l’UV et stabilisé en fréquence Regular
2013/07/02 Serguei Goupalov Jackson State University, USA and Ioffe Institute, Russia Anisotropic splitting of exciton radiative doublet in epitaxial and colloidal quantum dots Regular
2013/06/17 Philippe Ben-Abdallah LCF, Palaiseau, France Transfert de chaleur en champ proche et contrôle de l’émission thermique à l’aide de systèmes plasmoniques complexes Regular
2013/06/03 Franziska Wetzel, Josef A. Käs Universität Leipzig, Germany Biomechanical Phenotyping of Primary Breast Cancer Cells and Determination of Impact Factors Regular
2013/05/21 Adam Rancon University of Chicago, USA Quantum Phase Transition and universal thermodynamics of a Bose gas Regular
2013/04/29 Rémi Carminati Institut Langevin, Paris, France Nanosources, photons et désordre: nano-optique en milieux complexes Regular
2013/04/08 Ivo Ihrke INRIA, Talence, France Computational Optical Measurement and Display Regular
2013/03/18 Philippe Lalanne LP2N, Talence, France Lumière lente, nanoparticules complexes pour l’optique, absorption des plasmons de surface Regular
2013/03/04 Vincent Studer Interdisciplinary Institute for Neuroscience, Univ. Bordeaux, France Fluorescence microscopy based on compressed sensing Regular
2013/02/25 Jean-Paul Salvetat CRPP, Pessac, France Micromanipulation et façonnage d’ultramicroélectrodes en nanotubes de carbone multiparois Regular
2013/02/11 Lev Khaykovich Bar-Ilan University, Israel and LKB, Paris, France Universal few-body physics in ultracold atoms Regular
2013/01/28 Valentina Krachmalnicoff Institut Langevin, Paris, France Sonde nanometrique pour l’imagerie sub-longueur d’onde de la densité locale d’états électromagnétiques Regular
2013/01/21 Bruno Laburthe-Tolra Laboratoire de Physique des Lasers, Paris, France Propriétés magnétiques d’un condensat dipolaire Regular
2013/01/21 Philipp Haslinger Quantum Nanophysics and Molecular Quantum Optics, Vienna, Austria Exploring and exploiting the quantum superposition of macromolecules and molecular clusters Regular
2012/12/03 Simon Bernon Tübingen, Germany Interfacing cold atoms and superconducting micro-structures Regular
2012/11/19 David Papoular Trento University, Italy Refroidir un superfluide en chauffant Regular
2012/11/05 Olivier Rossier University of Bordeaux 2, France The inner life of adhesion sites: Integrin dynamics at the nano-scale Regular
2012/10/26 Yves Bellouard Eindhoven University of Technology, The Netherlands Femtosecond laser processing of fused silica: a micro-manufacturing platform for single-material microsystems Regular
2012/10/24 Ernst M. Rasel Institut für Quantenoptik-Leibniz Universität, Hannover, Germany Interferometry with Bose-Einstein condensates in microgravity Regular
2012/10/22 Joël Bellessa LPMCN, Lyon, France Etats hybrides plasmon/exciton dans les semiconducteur organiques et inorganiques Regular
2012/10/02 Renaud Marty CEMES, Toulouse, France Echange d’énergie en nano-plasmonique hybride Regular
2012/09/10 Kevin Vynck LENS, Florence, Italy Light transport in disordered photonic structures Regular
2012/09/10 Erik Gauger, George Knee Oxford University, UK The real world according to quantum nanostructures Regular
2012/07/09 Jannick Rolland Univ. Rochester, USA and IOGS, Palaiseau, France Conception de systèmes optiques pour l’imagerie, synthèse d’images par modélisation des propriétés physiques de la scène, et évaluation de la qualité de rendu des images obtenues Regular
2012/06/18 Paul Berceau Univ. Toulouse, France Propagation de photons dans des champs magnétiques transverses Regular
2012/06/04 Alexandre Baron LCF, Palaiseau, France Lumière lente : applications, limites et perspectives Regular
2012/05/29 Kazunari Matsuda Institute of Advanced Energy, Japan Novel Excitonic Properties of Carbon Nanotube Regular
2012/05/21 Pascale Winckler LP2N, Talence, France Super-resolution in cell imaging by uPAINT Regular
2012/05/14 Leticia Tarruell LP2N, Talence, France Engineering Dirac points with ultracold fermions in optical lattices Regular
2012/05/02 Ridha Horchani Laboratoire Aimé Coton, Orsay, France Pompage Optique de Molécules de Césium : refroidissement ro-vibrationnel et conversion électronique Regular
2012/03/26 Vincent Ménoret LP2N, Talence, France Atom Interferometry in microgravity: towards a test of the Equivalence Principle Regular
2012/03/19 Xavier Granier INRIA, LaBRI & LP2N, Talence, France Around the rendering equation: Simulation and modeling Regular