Bordeaux Nanophotonics


Group leader: Brahim Lounis (
Principal Investigator in biophotonics: Laurent Cognet (
Permanent members: Pierre Bon, Philippe Tamarat, Jean-Baptiste Trebbia
Affiliated members: Alexandre Bouzdine


Our research focuses on the optical detection, spectroscopy and analysis of single nano-objects with applications in quantum optics, condensed matter physics and biology:

  • Single Nano-objects Spectroscopy (Molecules, Semiconductor nanocrystals, Single walled carbon nanotube, Metal nanostructures),
  • Photothermal detection of individual non-fluorescent nano-objects,
  • Super-resolution microscopy,
  • Applications in Biology.



Metrology, Photonics and Partnership Research


Group leader: Giorgio Santarelli (


Our research aim of developing innovative photonic systems, advanced laser metrology and
strong partnership with the Bordeaux laser industry. For this purpose, we develop low noise electronic systems, electro-optical combs.

LabCom Starlight+

Bioimaging and Optofluidics


Group leader: Pierre Nassoy (


Our group aims at deciphering physical and biological mechanisms that govern the behavior and fate of living cells as individuals or as entities of multicellular assemblies (sane or pathological tissues). Our approach consists in i) challenging the homeostatic state of cells or tissues, preferably via controlled mechanical devices, and ii) performing a quantitative and dynamic investigation of the cellular response from subcellular diffraction-limited structures to millimeter-sized tissues over time scales ranging from second to day. To this end, we develop and apply optical or imaging assays in combination with microfluidic or microfabricated devices compatible with cell culture requirements and customized towards the initial biomedical motivation.

For more information visit the Group Website


Cold Atoms in Bordeaux


Group leader: Philippe Bouyer (
Permanent members: Baptiste Battelier, Simon Bernon, Andrea Bertoldi,Brynle Barrett


The research teams of LP2N collectively denominated « Cold Atoms in Bordeaux  » are devoted to the use of atomic waves, either to exploit the unrivalled sensitivity of matter wave interferometers or to develop simulators where the atoms are used to study the transport properties and propagation:

  • Atomic interferometry and fundamental physics
  • Miniaturized Atomic Inertial Sensors
  • Cavity-based Bose-Einstein Condensates and Quantum Non-Destructive measurements
  • Quantum propagation of matter waves and Quantum Simulators



Light in Complex Nanostructures


Group leader: Philippe Lalanne (
Permanent members: Kevin Vynck


The Light in Complex Nanostructures group studies the properties of coherent systems involving multiple and strong scattering of light with individual or ensemble of quantum or classical nano-objects or both. We tackle the problem starting from the elementary level (individual nanoparticles), to the nanosystem level (nanoparticles possibly dressed by quantum resonators, small nanoparticle assemblies), towards the macroscopic scale (complex ensembles composed of hundreds of nanoparticles interacting with micron-scale systems).