The activities of LP2N come into five research axes:

The axis “Nano-optics and quantum systems” is interested in optical and quantum phenomena at microscopic scales through the study of nanosystems, cold atoms and hybrid systems;

The axis “Light and Matter waves in artificial media” deals with wave phenomena in complex media, composed of nanostructured optical materials and/or trapped atoms, where collective behaviors and coherent effects are important;

The axis “Innovative imaging and quantitative biology” is concerned with the development of new nanoscopy approaches and their applications in various fields of biophysics and biology;

The axis “Computational and optical systems, mixed reality” tackles new concepts in terms of optical design with application in virtual reality, smart sensors and optical restitution systems;

The axis “Industrial partnership, metrology and photonic systems” is meant to establish a fertile research environment at the crossroad between photonics, electronics and high-precision instrumentation as well as advanced optical systems for scientific and industrial applications.