Eric Burt (Jet Propulsion Laboratory, California Institute of Technology, Pasadena, CA) – « Next Generation JPL Ultra-Stable Trapped Ion Atomic Clocks »

Séminaire le vendredi 13 Décembre dans la salle E200 de l’institut d’optique à 14H00 :

« Over the past decade, trapped ion atomic clock development at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) has proceeded in two parallel directions: 1) new atomic clock technology for space flight applications that require strict adherence to size, weight, and power requirements, and 2) ultra-stable atomic clocks, usually for terrestrial applications focusing on ultimate performance. In this talk I will present first results from two new ultra-stable trapped ion clocks in the second category currently under development. The new identical clocks, designated L10 and L11, build on the successful demonstration of exceptionally low drift at the 3×10-17/day level by their predecessor, LITS-9, with changes in design intended to further improve ultimate long-term performance. I will discuss how this level of performance is achieved in a room temperature frequency standard as well as the motivation for doing so. This includes both practical and scientific applications such as tests of the equivalence principle and studies of isotopic properties such as the hyperfine anomaly. Finally, I will describe how one of the new standards will be used as a ground terminal reference for the Atomic Clock Ensemble in Space (ACES) project. »