Axis 3: Innovative imaging and quantitative biology

Biology has continuously benefited from new tools offered by related sciences, such as chemistry, physics and computer science. The contribution of optical imaging has always been considerable and the recent development of nanotechnology, especially in the field of photonics, offers new perspectives for basic research in biology as well as for diagnostic assistance or new therapy discoveries. The ability to image, quantify, analyze and manipulate bio-assemblies at molecular, cellular or tissue level, in a non-invasive manner has become essential to a better understanding of the mechanisms governing living organisms health. These developments are now considered as key to advance biological discoveries and biomedical applications.

The axis « Innovative imaging and quantitative biology » intrinsically covers these aims with the study of basic biological processes as well as medical issues through the development and application of innovative imaging methods and quantitative analysis derived from advanced physical approaches. These methods include, for instance, single molecule detection, super-resolution imaging, single nanoparticle tracking, optofluidics, cellular spheroids and find applications in cell biology, neurosciences and cancerology.


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